"Coming into The Nest as an educator from the USA, my eyes were opened. I feel as though I have been given a new lens, a new understanding of children their rights, roles, and future in this world." 


—Nester Volunteer From Boulder Journey School, November 2018


I formed some wonderful relationships with some of the children who came regularly and will always remember my interactions with them as well as with the amazing refugee helpers. It was such an interesting experience to work across a language barrier with children, and I found that it only further solidified my belief that 'play' is an international human language we can all speak. 


This was an incredibly important experience, and I am amazed at the efforts to make OHF and The Nest a positive and empowering place. I look forward to helping every way I can from home, and to potentially returning when I have more time to do so."  


—Nester Volunteer from Boston,

December 2018


If you are interested in becoming a Nester, please contact us at info@thinkwithus.org.
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Liability Waiver - Samos
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Nest Wishlist 

Contact us at info@thinkwithus.org

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