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A Nest is a home – a place where the young are safe and protected. Nest Tijuana is also a home, a home that is open to others – to people from other lands, who speak other languages. They hail from many countries: Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Haiti, Congo, Cameroon, Honduras, El Salvador. They are escaping gang and sexual violence, brutality and persecution. They come with their children, carrying their babies, and hoping that their older children can endure the arduous odyssey –  walking, crossing borders, leaving behind loved ones and everything they own. They come with the hope that in the US they will be sheltered from harm – that their children can grow up safely. We all want that for our children - we expect it.


Nest Tijuana, located across the street from a refugee shelter, is a beautiful, joyful place where children can safely play.  It is staffed by trained volunteers from all over the world  - people like you!

Wondering what you can do?

1. Make the commitment to do it! There is a 5-day minimum stay, though we encourage you to stay longer.
2. Check date availability below.
3. Complete the application form.
4. Wait for your official confirmation.
5. Schedule your online 90-minute orientation.
6. Start packing!

There are several housing and transportation options available during your Nester stay. For more information, please write to us at